“I want to get a job now. Before when I had a job, I slept through it but this course has helped me get up early and go to be places where I need to be on time. It has improved my timekeeping. I get up on time and have been early every day.”

The course has been good because it hasn’t just been work but has included games and activities and I’ve enjoyed watching the films. I have learnt loads of stuff. Meeting new people has been good as normally I just see the same old people.

Building the cardboard box wall helped as we put our stuff up there that is stopping us moving forward, for example, lack of experience.

(Laura said you can take it off now because I have finished my English at enim and have now completed the English so can take it off the wall.???)

The marble game was good. It was getting to know each other and get everyone talking to each other. The youth workers were rubbish at it! I was alright.
In another game, you had tinfoil and you had to make a holder and put the carton of orange juice in it. We won that as well. You got points for technique and we made a bow on the top. That was based on teamwork and communication and you had to split into teams.

I like the games where you had to build a little tower that was good and I liked the bouncing ball game. In the desert survival activity, we got Individual ranking, expert ranking and group ranking. We all got confused in the 9-dot challenge as we had to go outside the box to get the answer!

We also looked at tracks we play in our minds. I thought about the names I have called people and what have they called me. We had to put a percentage of 1- 100 for how those names have affected our core beliefs and I put that I was 70% confident in being able to overcome that and now have put 90% so it has gone up by 20%.

I came on the course to get more qualifications. I couldn’t settle at school because I couldn’t do English and maths and wasn’t given learning support. I told them I am struggling and I was putting my hand up but there was no one to help me. I just used to give up then. I was late for school a lot and then left school so I have no GCSEs.

I have had a few jobs since then in cleaning and at the Premier Inn. The strengths quiz was good. You had to highlight which was like you. I underlined the top two as I can work independently to a high standard and I am not afraid to take risks. Then it showed which job suits you. I ticked hotel manager and car salesman. I would like to work in the hotel industry or in sales.