“Looking at the wall we built with the things that stop us moving forward made me think. I felt blocked off by depression and illness and bad GCSEs but when I look at them in another way I realise can get over the wall.”

I’ve found the course beneficial because I used to be stuck in the house all the time and it has motivated me to get out and meet new people and it has brought my confidence up because I used to be a nervous wreck before.

I don’t socialise too much with friends because they are in Portsmouth now and it is hard to get to them. I have Crohn’s disease and my illness gets me down. I went to school but dropped out of college because I was being bullied and nothing was being done about it. I was doing animal care.

Since then, I have been at home and it is boring. I mainly do housekeeping and look after my mum because she has arthritis. I like being a young carer and I take pride in it. I do the basic stuff like getting out the medicines and cleaning the house. I have a brother and a sister but they look after themselves. They help me clean and tidy.

Looking at hopes, fears and expectations was interesting because it points out the things we are motivated about. I want to get past things like anxiety and build my communication skills.

I didn’t go to school because I kept skiving because I found it boring. I also felt it was too hard and overwhelming and I thought I don’t want to do it.

The strengths thing was interesting to find out and looking more into. I enjoy working with other people and I am helpful and friendly. I want to develop my skills like language and music. I am a creative person. Best jobs for me were photographer, cake maker, child minder, nurse which were all interesting.

Writing down my skills was interesting so I could fulfil my potential. I won a video game tournament, learning how to parallel park. It was all to do with hand eye coordination and observing stuff and I could use that in other places of work.

It was good when we looked at our ABC thoughts (the act that happened, our beliefs about the act and emotions or response because of that belief). So, for example there was a story about someone jabbing you from behind in the shopping centre and thinking why are they so impatient and I felt ticked off but when I realised it was an old man who was blind, I learnt not to be so quick to judge.

Some of the stuff I put down about what people had said to me, I realise now are just words and I need to get on with my own life.

I learnt about how important presenting yourself is for a job interview. I am willing to take any work and I would be punctual, know where things are and dress really smart.

I will now take steps to help me get where I want to be. I want to work with animals and help them get better and into better homes or become a veterinary nurse. I am going to do voluntary work, apply for another college course if I can and get the right training.

The best bit about the course was the activity we did yesterday where we were filmed trying to make an advert and it was fun. Presentation is key when you are doing such things and learning about advertising and how apply it to advertising yourself.

Everyone is polite and the trainers are friendly and helpful. I would recommend the course. It has motivated me more because when I came here I wasn’t motivated whatsoever but now I feel more positive to go for a job search and I won’t think so negatively about it. Even if I don’t get the job, I will just keep applying for more jobs because the more you apply for the more likely you are to get a job.

It has made me feel a lot more confident compared to how I was and the course helped me with people skills. I have learnt a little more how to talk to people. Before I used to be really quiet and would never talk and now I feel like I can talk more.