SAFE will train you to run Wellbeing Choices, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) based course that changes lives over 10 days
Improving the mental health, confidence, self-esteem and achievement of young people.

Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety amongst young people continue to represent a growing problem for their Carers and Educators.

A You Gov survey carried out for Mental Health Awareness Week 2014, revealed that:
- Students and people not in employment are more likely to feel anxious all or a lot of the time.
- Younger people are much more likely to feel anxious about personal relationships.
- Fewer than one in ten people have sought help from their GP to deal with anxiety.
- People are believed to be more anxious now than they were five years ago.
- Just under half of people believe that anxiety has stopped them from doing things in their life.
- Women and younger people are more likely to say that anxiety has impacted on their lives.

Confidence in teenage girls has fallen dramatically in the last seven years according to research released by the Schools Health Education Unit and shows that:
- Overall, just 33 per cent of girls aged between 14 and 15 felt good about themselves – compared to 41 per cent, in 2007.
- Girls ranked ‘the way you look’ as their biggest concern, beating school work, family and money issues.

The Choices programme significantly improves mental health with resultant benefits in employability.

SAFE has run approximately 35 Adult and 35 Youth Choices programmes achieving exceptionally positive long-term outcomes with:
- 75% of young NEETS get a job and 50% of adult participants are in employment 3 years later
- 95% of young people and 80% of adults move on behaviourally and practically

Outcomes from Youth Choices as at April 2015 using the Depression, Anxiety, Sadness Scale (DASS)
% young people with improved mental health Mental Health issue Ave scores on first day Ave scores on last day Average % improvement across all 26 students
96% Depressed 7.4 3.0 -59%
96% Anxious 7.4 2.9 -61%
96% Confidence 2.9 7.4 153%
100% Self-esteem 2.6 7.4 181%
100% Goal achievement 2.5 7.3 191%
92% Self-aware 3.9 8.6 119%

Outcomes from Schools Choices
A programme run with disengaged young people, many known to youth offending teams, social care or young carers found:
 100% of year 11 students went on to complete and pass GCSEs
 80% of NEETs found employment, further education or training
 76% of NEETs sustained long-term engagement with work/learning (surveyed 1 year later)

Former principal of Upper Shirley High, Cassie Ellins said, “SAFE seem to have the winning formula in relation to challenging students and positive attitudes to school”.

Aiden (16) “Before the course I felt angry & scared. I didn’t care about my actions and made a lot of mistakes. I now feel more open and happy about myself, my life and my future. I am glad I have changed and don’t want to go back.”

SAFE provide training and support to equip young people to think differently, overcome mental health issues and improve employability. The programme will enable young people to get past barriers, boost self-esteem & confidence, challenge unhelpful thinking, take responsibility, discover skills & strengths, relate well to others, set positive goals, become motivated to learn.

Youth Choices targets young people who are disengaged, often homeless and living chaotic lifestyles. They face multiple barriers around substance misuse, crime and antisocial behaviour making it extremely unlikely they will be able to engage with the labour market.

Simon (19) “I had a bit of an epiphany whilst I was on the course and realised that I didn’t want to be doing nothing for the rest of my life. The course gave me the confidence to get some work experience with a computer company which I am starting next week.”

The Choices course empowers young people to make good choices for themselves, increasing their confidence and motivation and helping them to take control over their lives so they can re-engage with their education and achieve their goals.

Equipping young people to think differently
Choices will:
• Help young people figure out their barriers to progression and how these can be broken down
• Build self-esteem, feel good about themselves and know they are a person of worth
• Challenge unhealthy thoughts that may hold them back
• Empower young people to take control over their lives
• Build communication skills, helping young people to relate well to others

Jasmine (20) “This course has helped me to realise my future is more certain, what I am good at, how to market myself and set more constructive goals for my future.”

Training proposal for Facilitator Choices

To train facilitators to run Choices training programmes, our three-stage facilitator training programme is evidenced by observation forms, trainee facilitator training records and a QCFS (Qualified Choices Facilitator Status) certificate.

The training will enable empathetic and enthusiastic potential facilitators to deliver:
 A flexible 30-module Choices training programme
 Carry out pre-course assessment/motivational interviews
 Run one on one coaching sessions for Choices programme candidates

Costs for Facilitator Choices
(min 4 people = £2,400 minimum payment plus £600 per additional person trained)

1. Training the facilitator £150 per person per day.
 2 days initial training (£600 X 2 = £1,200) for 4 people.
 1 day of ‘on the job’ observation and facilitator mentoring during a five week Choices programme (2 trainee facilitators to be observed and mentored per day) 4 X £150 = £600
 1 day of follow up evaluation and assessment for initial accreditation (2 trainee facilitators to be observed and mentored per day). 4 X £150 = £600

Includes starter Kit per facilitator trained as follows:
 1 X Toolkit with full details on how to set up and run a Choices programme from start to finish
 1 X Facilitator Manual containing complete instructions on running each aspect of the programme – including curriculum map
 1 X Candidate Manual

2. Licence Fee @ £150 per Choices candidate (fee negotiable for 100+ candidates attending annually) plus £500 per annum per Certificated Choices Facilitator.
 £150 per candidate attending the Choices programme to include free candidate manuals. For example: if 5 candidates attend a Choices course, a fee of £750 is payable by the training provider to SAFE to cover the licence fee, annual programme updates and five manuals ie one per candidate.
 £500 per facilitator trained, per annum to cover ongoing annual certification.

Please contact Nina at for a specific quote for your school, college or university.

Contact SAFE at or call 02380 70222 for information on how you can train up people within your organisation to deliver the Choices Training
(SAFE is the trading name for Southampton Action for Employment.)