1. Training the facilitator £150 per person per day.
 2 days initial training
 1 day of ‘on the job’ observation and facilitator mentoring during a five week Choices programme (2 trainee facilitators to be observed and mentored per day)
 1 day of follow up evaluation and assessment for initial accreditation (2 trainee facilitators to be observed and mentored per day).

Includes starter Kit per facilitator trained as follows:
 1 X Toolkit with full details on how to set up and run a Choices programme from start to finish
 1 X Facilitator Manual containing complete instructions on running each aspect of the programme – including curriculum map
 1 X Candidate Manual

2. Licence Fee @ £150 per Choices candidate (fee negotiable for 100+ candidates attending annually) plus £500 per annum per Certificated Choices Facilitator.
 £150 per candidate attending the Choices programme to include free candidate manuals. For example: if 5 candidates attend a Choices course, a fee of £750 is payable by the training provider to SAFE to cover the licence fee, annual programme updates and five manuals ie one per candidate.
 £500 per facilitator trained, per annum to cover ongoing annual certification.

Please contact Nina at nina.kelly@safe.org.uk for a specific quote for your organisation.