Improve mental health, confidence, self-esteem and employability particularly suitable for people with multiple barriers to employment and life progression

Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety continue to represent a significant barrier to employment for many Britons.
• 400,000 people are claiming other out of work benefits because of mental health reasons.
• A further 800,000 people are signed off sick from work and claiming disability benefits for mental health issues.
• Britain has the highest rate of disability claimants in the world and the report states that mental health is now the most common reason for a person to claim.
• Up to 370,000 Britons move onto disability benefits each year, with around 38 per cent listing mental illness as the main reason for their claim.

The Choices programme significantly improves mental health with resultant benefits in employability.
SAFE has run approximately 35 Adult and 35 Youth Choices programmes achieving exceptionally positive long-term outcomes with:
- 50% of adult participants are in employment 3 years later (75% of young NEETS get a job)
- 80% of adults (95% of young people) move on behaviourally and practically

These programmes have typically been run with candidates with significant and multiple barriers to employment. Statistics collated from five Choices programmes run between Feb-July 2015 are typical outcomes:
• 74% Less anxious
• 77% Less depressed
• 87% reported improved self-esteem
• 77% improved confidence
• 81% improved job readiness
• 77% improved positive outlook

Choices transforms lives by working from within, dealing with lifelong barriers at the root, freeing people from negative thinking and self-destructive behaviour and allows them to set healthy, realistic and achievable life goals for a fulfilling working life.

We also help participants rediscover their skills, personality strengths and passions. This sets them up to pursue goals in areas of their motivated abilities. These are often things people have forgotten about or were unaware of. Knowing themselves builds self-esteem and means they can pursue fulfilling work goals where they will flourish and be most productive.

“Choices really improved my confidence. I have been unemployed for four years but this programme helped me improve my job applications and how to stress my target strengths during a job interview. I have had dozens of unsuccessful interviews but have now been offered a job which I am really looking forward to.” Graham Ward