The Choices course normally runs in a church hall or community centre. Groups are typically made up of 8-12 candidates with 2 trained facilitators, although often other volunteers sit in the group offering support with literacy or general encouragement.

Each day has a mixture of whole group, small group and individual activities. These might include:

  • team-building tasks such as building a LEGO model 
  • small group discussions following a video clip
  • individual questionnaires to discover different strengths
  • whole group thought showers to tackle a problem.

And each week, every candidate has the opportunity to sit down with a facilitator for an individual coaching session to talk more specifically about their personal progress.

On a practical note, we aim to remove any financial barrier that would stop a candidate participating in a course:

Travel expenses are reimbursed
Complimentary refreshments and lunch are provided.

Find out when the next course is running near you and refer someone to the course.