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    Benefit of the doubt


    The other day I was interviewing a young person for an upcoming course, and I got the distinct feeling she wasn’t interested. Her whole manner was such that it made me think, ‘What’s the point in continuing? This is evidently not what she wants’. I managed to push these thoughts to one side and continued trying to engage her in conversation about her situation, her hopes for the future and how the Choices course may be able to help.

    Once we had finished talking, I asked the question I always ask towards the end of the interview: ‘Would you be up for giving it a go?’ I was surprised when the response was “Yes!” I then spoke to her support work… Read More

    posted in News 22 January 2015

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    Recruitment *NOW OPEN*

    The future

    We are currently recruiting for a 16-24 year olds Youth Choices Course in Eastleigh. If you know anyone that would benefit from increased confidence and motivation to move into education or employment please contact Charlotte on 023 8070 2222.

    posted in News 7 January 2015