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    Mosaic Project

    Reindeer in the Forest

    We had a great visit to the New Forest with a young person interested in outdoor work opportunities. Thanks to Craig, the Ranger, for taking us on a guided walk and Sarah, the Project Manager, for organising the trip.

    posted in News 19 December 2014

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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Christmas Reindeer

    Wishing you all festive tidings and an abundance of Joy and Peace for the New Year.

    From all at SAFE.

    posted in News 17 December 2014

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    Internal Motivation

    How does it work

    The Choices Course is designed to elicit each candidate’s internal motivation. It makes the assumption that, deep down, people recognise the problems with their current situation and have the capacity to work out how to change.

    Motivation is essential if candidates are going to make progress and change long entrenched behaviours.

    It is often assumed motivation is external; what we call carrot and stick. The stick is a form of threat, such as the loss of benefits, and uses fear as a motivator. The carrot is more positive offering reward, such as praise or financial gain. However both are external. The motivation comes from outside, which means… Read More

    posted in News 17 December 2014

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    Better the devil you know...

    What is it

    Floods of tears, storming out of the room and a sleepless night – welcome to week 4 of the Choices course!

    When you have spent 20, 30 even 40 years trapped in a prison of negative core beliefs, that prison can become like a false friend. Even though you know it has brought you nothing but misery and missed opportunities it becomes a comfort zone so you stick with the familiar. The prospect of breaking free can be very scary and upsetting and so we carefully guide our candidates towards some healthier beliefs about themselves and help them to decide which better paths to go down as they stand at the crossroads of the rest of their lives.

    The c… Read More

    posted in News 11 December 2014