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    New blog post with a few ideas from our CEO on the welfare state at t.co/NGdvrtKO67 #safe #choices

    via Twitter @ 29 May 2014

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    A comment from our CEO

    Team - Nigel Hughes

    Welfare State

    I spoke to someone recently on a low income, and they said they didn’t want to claim benefits as it was morally wrong. This reminded me of the recent suicide of an unemployed young man saying something similar. It shows the potential power of media “sound-bites” to create beliefs.

    There is no critical evaluation that those who make the sound-bites, the politicians, journalists and similar actually claim much more from the state than anyone on low income: corporate tax breaks, untaxed expenses claims for the wealthy, aid with food accommodation and travel, large companies relying on the state to top up low wages such as credits, … Read More

    posted in News 29 May 2014

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    Thank you.

    Garfield Weston

    Big thanks to the Garfield Weston Foundation who have invested in our work again for the next 2 years, enabling us to help people find long-term solutions out of poverty and isolation.

    posted in News 23 May 2014

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    Youth Choices starting today in Weston! #thevenny #youthchoices #safe t.co/vxDlgbQiDu

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    Candidate news

    Adult newspaper tower

    ….just come back from the first course reunion of our February '14 adults Choices course. 11 candidates turned up and helped Nicola and I to scoff a mix of homemade and Waitrose cakes!(Oh, and the obligatory peanut cookies.)
    Everyone seems to have made fantastic progress in their personal lives, moving towards their goals and in some cases even after just a few weeks. F,C and R have full time paid work and M and D are attending a health and hygiene course. R has found some voluntary work and RP continues to develop his sustainable farm project and has offered to host the next reunion! We suspect there may be ulterior motives in terms of muckin… Read More

    posted in News 15 May 2014

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    Last few spaces on Southampton young adults course!

    Weston map

    The next Choices course for young adults (16-24 year olds) starts in 8 days on Thursday 15 May. There are a few spaces remaining and we’d love to fill them and make sure no young adult misses out on turning their life around. Travel expenses are reimbursed and the venue is The Venny (Weston Adventure Playground) in Weston, Southampton. Contact Charlotte on 023 8070 2222 for more info and to refer.

    posted in News 7 May 2014