Addressing and overcoming:

1. Mental health stigmas
We explore concerns in a safe, friendly and non-judgemental environment.
“The Choices course gave me a chance to talk about what was in my mind, both individually and in the group. It helped with me to deal better with difficult relationships. The people here make me feel more understood. I feel better and happier and it will help at school.”
Sophie C(14)

2. Risky behaviours, self-harm, violence, substance abuse
Choices provides individual coaching for self-disclosures and tools for behaviour management.
“I was self-harming before, was very violent, used to rob stuff and got into drinking and drugs. Choices has changed my life and I have stopped self-harming and doing those other things now.” Katie(14)

3. The inability to cope, release negative emotions or adopt strategies for mental wellbeing
Our Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques overcome the root of unhealthy thinking.
“I have learnt new healthy thoughts with things I should be thinking, instead of what I normally think. I’m not so scared now and my goal is to go back to school.” Ben(14)


1. Improved self-worth and self-esteem
Katie (14) after seven suicide attempts following a rape when aged 10; “Things started changing in the first course day. I was really surprised and I have started to believe in myself.”

2. Overcoming depression and anxiety:
Charlotte (18) previously severely depressed; "I felt utterly worthless and demotivated. Choices has helped me see myself as someone completely different. I’m going back to college now.

3. Coping strategies:
Sophie S (14) bullied at school; “The course has helped with me with difficult relationships and how to deal with them better. The people here make me feel understood.”