My name is Tracey, I am 40.
“The course has also helped with my depression and taught me how your behaviours are affected by your emotions. Because I am now more aware of what I am feeling, my behaviour is much better.”

Here is my story...
I came on a Choices course to try and build up my confidence. My husband passed away two years ago of a blood clot on the brain. I found him in the bed in the morning but he had already gone. He had diabetes, heart disease and paranoid schizophrenia and I was his full-time carer for 14 years until 2014. His eyes had been hurt and damaged by a friend during a play-fight and he was wheelchair bound. We had to use public transport mostly to get around.

I had carers coming in four times in the day for him and thankfully I had worked as a carer in a residential care home since I left school when I was 16, otherwise I wouldn’t have known what to do.
I am going to apply for a carers job again as I am good at that. A few years ago my nan was really ill and I looked after her also for two years. I would like to work with elderly people as they are the reason we are here today. If it wasn’t for them fighting in the war we wouldn’t even exist.
I had a few knock backs with interviews though after my husband passed away and lost a lot of confidence. This course has really helped me with that also. I have opened myself up to people here, which I would not normally be able to do and feel at ease as the people here are very nice and not judgemental.
The course has been very helpful, giving me confidence and helping with interview skills and I now feel I can apply for a carer job again. I used to find it hard to speak in interviews and be very shy but I have come here and met a whole lot of new people. I used to worry about meeting new people as when I was at school, students used to take the mickey out of me but here everyone is so welcoming.
My first job at 16 was in a care home and I stayed in the same home for seven years until I had to look after my husband. People were amazed I stuck it so long especially at that age as not many people stayed a long time and some would just come for a day and not come back again.
I would definitely recommend this course, especially for anyone who needs their confidence built up.

October 2016