Hi, I’m Sharon. I am 47...

I would recommend this course for anyone who is out of work and has anxiety problems. It has helped me have courage.

… and here is my Story
I have anxiety and confidence problems and the Choices programme has improved me a lot and I thought doing it a second time would help even more. The people are nice and they help a lot.

I was employed until September in bar management. I left because my issues kept rearing its ugly head and I couldn’t concentrate on my job and then I became ill.

The course has given me much more confidence. I am working through my CV to make it better and will start looking for work and hope to get into employment after Christmas. I am interested in going into shop retail and would love to sell things like clothes, shoes and bags.

I hope to get more in-depth counselling in the new year and deal with my issues so I know how to deal with them properly.

The Choices course has pushed me to go further. I like the way that you are in a group and share experiences with other people and openly discuss things. It is a confidential and safe setting.

I am starting to realise that I have more choices to do things and don’t have to be a people pleaser as much as I am. Sometimes I make myself unhappy doing things for other people and need to stand up for myself more and learn to say no and be happy with my decision and not feel guilty.
November 2016

Update;- In December 2016 Sharon was able to go back to paid bar work !