I attended the Wellbeing Choices course in July 2015.
The safe course has literally changed the course of my life! I think about the course every day and how it helped me so much
I think this course is very helpful and would be happy to promote to others. This needs to be in every city.

...and here is her story
When Maria arrived on the course she could barely enter the training room because she was so shy and was also very tearful. During the first day she told us that she had dyslexia and struggled to write. As a result of years of being put down by others she had very low self-esteem. However, Maria was determined to make the most of the course and she entered into all group discussions and asked for help with written work. She was brilliant at including anyone who felt on the edge of the group socially and worked hard at encouraging everyone around her. The tears became less frequent and she talked through some of the things that were holding her back from moving forward in her life and achieving her goals.
On the last day of the course Maria completed the course evaluation and commented that she had found every session useful because “each day I took something new and I am very happy” sic; Maria came to a course reunion in September and she was actively looking to increase the amount of paid work she was already doing. She had continued with her mobile hairdressing and was just about to take on a cleaning job. She still volunteered one day a week at a community café supported by Radian and was enjoying working with other volunteers and meeting new people.
In October we heard from Maria again and she had secured a full-time paid job in catering in Winchester. Her most recent communication with us said that she is still in full time work and is learning lots.