My name is Hayley, I am 30
I have been on other confidence courses but they were just two-day things and they didn’t help that much but this one does as I have looked at the reason why I am the way I am.

Here is my story
I came on this course because I lacked a lot of confidence. During job interviews, I was always such a mumbling mess or I wouldn’t talk enough and I thought it would be good to build that confidence up and get a job.

I worked in a sandwich shop for five years and in the Co-op for two years and I left there to have my daughter who is six now. She is in full-time school and rather than stay at home all day I think it is better to get a job rather than relying on benefits. I don’t want my daughter to think that women can’t work.
I have applied to Matalan, H & M, Argos and Poundland but haven’t found a job yet, mainly because I need to work school hours.
I am a lot more confident since doing the course and have been taught how to word things. Bullying and things that people have said in the past have played over and over in my mind but I need to stop focussing on them. One thing that helped me understand that was a ball-throwing, juggling game and you had to block out all the other balls and just focus on what on what you are doing.
One film clipped help to show me what has been happening around me and I haven’t noticed but if you stop and pay attention you can get past that. I am now more confident to step out into the unknown and apply for jobs that I haven’t done before. For example, I have just stepped out of my comfort zone and applied to DFS as it is still selling just in a different place.
This course has also helped me not to hold on to things you can’t control – just move on and go for the next job and stop focussing on the negatives.
I will say ‘no’ a lot more now and do things for me and my child and not just for everyone else, doing what other people want me to do all the time.
The other candidates are a great bunch of people and I can have a laugh with people in the same situation as me but for different reasons. The teaching has been great also and it is such a shame that it is our last week next week.

I would definitely recommend the course. It has really helped me come out of my shell.
P.S I have just gained employment with The Range!

October 2016