“I think that everyone should come here. Time goes so quick and next week it is five weeks and it is totally different to what I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to shut up sit down, and listen to me. But the facilitators have a laugh and out of all the courses I have been on, this is the best one.” John (61) November 2016 

“I am glad that I came on the course as it shows you what you can do rather than what you think you can’t do.” Peter (64) November 2016

“I would recommend this course for anyone who is out of work and has anxiety problems. It has helped me have courage.” Sharon (47) November 2016 

“Choices has given me a different outlook to see who I am and where I am going and become willing to address things that I didn’t want to address previously.” Chris (61) November 2016

“The Choices course has really helped me feel more positive about my situation. I am more proactive now and doing things such as getting out of my wheelchair and walking with crutches in the garden. I have been on well-being programmes before and they didn’t help at all but Choices has really helped me on my journey towards well-being, fitness and work hopefully.” Ellie (33) June 2016

“I had a bit of an epiphany whilst I was on the course and realised that I didn’t want to be doing nothing for the rest of my life. The course gave me the confidence to get some work experience with a computer company which I am starting next week.” Simon (19) June 2016

“I couldn’t see a way through but now I feel like I have got through the wall and the barriers holding me back and am ready to start again with my life.” Tracey (48) June 2016

“The course has taught me how to have a more structured approach to getting a job. Before I didn’t have much of a sense of direction and I felt more desperate but I realise now I don’t have to dwell in a doom and gloom attitude.” K (58) June 2016

“Choices has helped me mentally prepared me to face all the trouble of trying to get a job with the right frame of mind. I learnt how to focus on the one thing you want to do and will keep doing little things to help me get to where I want to be.” Mike (59) May 2016

“Choices has really helped with my self-esteem and enabled me to identify thoughts within myself that I can fix. Just talking to people in the group has given me hope and that there is light at the end of the tunnel but you have to overcome a few barriers first.”
Mike (59) May 2016

“The Choices course has changed my life. Before I got here, I was really in a depression and now I don’t feel that any more. I have overcome my fear and my hopelessness. Before I came on the course I thought that my life was at an end but I now feel determined to get a job within three months.” M (53) May 2016

“Choices helped me with confidence though being around people and being able to list my strengths and apply them to the situation I was in. I have been unemployed for four years but this programme helped me improve my job applications and how to stress target strengths during a job interview. I have had dozens of unsuccessful interviews but have now been offered a job which I am really looking forward to.” Graham (46) Oct 15

“I attended a Choices Safe course back in 2014and have to say it was 100% excellent. Lovely warm, friendly and caring environment and to be with genuine people who really cared about you. I still have my good days and bad but without the course I would not have gone forward. I’ve not kept in touch as much as I’d liked to but you guy’s and fab people I met are never far from my thoughts. AND!!! I am now debt free also, and truly believe that Safe helped me on the road to recovery. Thank you and god bless.” Louise (2014)