Hi, I’m Susan and I’m 61…

“I feel accepted and that no one is judging me. Everyone in here is in the same boat and everyone knows what has happened with them and we are all the same.”

...and here is my story

I’m enjoying myself and getting my confidence back. I haven’t been very well recently and wasn’t here the first week because I had the flu. It was OK though coming in the second week though as everyone was very friendly.

I am a quiet person and always have been and getting into the teamwork tasks are a bit of a challenge for me but to be honest I am enjoying it. All the course is good. We had to do the pairs games, remembering where the pair was and it was brilliant using your memory to know where to get to a pair.

I am quiet but I listen to everyone. I am pleased with myself because I have spoken on this course. Yesterday we had to do a marketing exercise which was good but it was mostly the other lady who did the speaking because I felt I couldn’t do that. Before the course ends, I would like to get the confidence to speak up and talk even more. The course has helped me be more positive and I have been feeling better about myself.

The people here are so nice and polite and friendly. I bumped into somebody else who has been on this course and they said also how much they enjoyed it and how much friendlier it is than other courses. It’s nice coming in here and I am happy to come in.
February 2017