My name is Sean and I’m 59...

“There are good people on this course. It is happy and not what I was expecting… more relaxed, more friendly and more open. I thought it was going to be like sitting at a teacher’s desk as there is a schedule and a book to fill in but it is good. Everyone laughs and jokes but gets on with what we have to do.”

...and here is my story

It’s helped me because I live on my own and coming here and seeing people and talking feels more normal. I’ve been out of work seven months. I have been a Boat Builder and Fibre-glass Laminator for 40 years and done that since I was 15. I want to get back into it. In my last place I had an accident when I stood on two boxes I had put on top of each other. I hurt my hand badly then 12 of us got laid off. I’ve sent my CV out everywhere but the main opportunities are down in Bournemouth. I haven’t done the fusion way of laminating and I could learn it easily enough but it’s hard getting in the door. Without the knowledge.

My mind is telling me that I want to go back to my old job but I need to find other directions. The course has helped me to be positive and I have come away from my thinking and I am now thinking that although I am not going to do roof tiling like when I was a nipper, I can do other things. I have blinkered myself and don’t even know when I was doing that. I like building things and having something to show at the end of a job that I have made. I am not academic.

The people on this course are great. I came here on a negative and to realise that people here mean it and they are not pretending means that you don’t want to upset them in any way because they are genuinely good people all of them. They really put their heart into it and listen to what you are saying.

December 2016