I’m Peter, I’m 64
I am glad that I came on the course as it shows you what you can do rather than what you think you can’t do.
...and here is my story
All my jobs have been in the transport industry. I started as a teaboy and then became assistant warehouse manager and worked my way up to team leader but the depot was closed down. At the end of the 70s, I got a job as a bus conductor and when they went to driver only buses I learnt to drive and became a bus driver for six years and then a lorry driver for nearly 30 years. In March 2014 I lost my licence as I had a momentary blackout and ended up crashed in a field off the A34.
I have had a laugh here, made some good friends and we have a good giggle and we all join in the fun. That is good, because yesterday was quite heavy-going looking at our core beliefs but I believe in myself more than I did before. Helping the other people has been good, for example I have been helping one guy with spelling and another with his confidence.
Knocking down the wall has been good. We write the barriers in our lives that have been holding us back on boxes. Lack of skills and age were my two big barriers. I thought I just had about 10 skills and now realise that I have 118. I always get on well with people and my missus says I can talk to a brick wall! I never thought of being talking to people as a skill as I normally think of skills as having a certificate.

I now realise that Coordinating is a skill of mine too. I used to own a motor home and joined a committee and worked my way up to Rally Secretary. I had to organise adverts in the booklet and book the caravan sites for the 52 rallies for the year. Some weekends there were 2 or 3 rallies. I also had to get people to do the write ups for the booklet and chase them up to get it done on time. Then everyone got a proper printed copy for the AGM in October and I did that for 3 years. I also helped with driving ambulances for two years as a volunteer but none of this was on my CV.
It’s been really hard for the last year and half, especially without transport. The hardest thing has been sending off job applications and never getting a reply. I have only had two interviews in a year and a half. I have been putting my date of birth on CV but I am going to take if off now and Jacqui is going to help me re-write it.
I have gained a lot of confidence on the course as it hurts each time you get knocked back.
I feel like they don’t want me and just want the young kids. My two young nephews got jobs cleaning at Tesco’s but I didn’t even though I like getting up early and would be happy to do the early shifts.
November 2016

December 2016 update—Peter has gained paid employment with Tesco Nursling!

June 2016