My name is Lyn, I’m 62…

“The whole course has been good and the best bit has been deciding what is important to you and what is your passion.”

...and here is my story

The course has been amazing. Things have changed over the years and it is nice to get input into what’s happening nowadays and the skills I didn’t realise I had before coming on this course and meeting people in the same position. It is great.
My grandchildren are beautiful they are my passion and give me the feel-good factor. I have five granddaughters and one great grandson. My son lives in China has one daughter Bella who I talk to about once a month with video calling. My eldest granddaughter is 21 and she has a little boy also.
I had another grandson who died about 16 years ago. He was disabled and couldn’t eat or swallow and died when he was only 3. I have been thinking about that and it has spurred me on to volunteer at Rose Road Association. I have previously worked at Sainsbury’s for 14 years but have been signing on since September.
This course has been a real insight, listening to other people’s experiences and thinking about how you treat other people and that you should treat them as you would like to be treated yourself. I am a people person anyway, but now I can see different people in the street and instead of thinking they must be drunk, I can think maybe they are on medication.
The course has made me think differently and not to blame myself for everything. That was a really eye opener and I feel a lot happier now. I used to think I should have done things differently but I thought it was the right thing at the time so why should I feel guilty. I won’t do that anymore.
The food is lovely and the course is brilliant and you meet really nice and interesting people. It has done so much for me and I would definitely recommend Choices.
February 2017