My name is Jo, I am 50...

The choices course has completely changed my whole thought process and I have got the excitement for life again. I realise now that I am far from being useless. I have issues with my legs but I have plenty to offer It is such a waste if I don’t do something. I realised now that I don’t need someone to employ me and that I can do something myself.

...and here is my story

Before the course, I felt really stuck in every way. I couldn’t see what I was going to do and I didn’t have in my mind that I could do anything. I thought “who is going to employ me?” but this course has completely turned my whole mind around. I now have ideas coming into my head. They are mostly business ideas. One is about starting a group called buddies, where you run some sort of database and people come to a coffee morning to network and find out how they can help each other. For example, one person might need help to go to the shops but another might want a coffee and chat with someone.
There are people sitting in their houses on their own and they don’t connect. I have sat in my house on my own and I now want to take what I am good at i.e. organising and use that to help others.
I used to be an accountant and was diagnosed with what they thought was progressive MS in 2006 and haven’t worked since 2007. My thought process at the time, was what was the point of starting anything new because I going to be useless in a few years' time. I became reclusive and didn’t want to go out at all. I put the walls up thinking I am safer in the house. My husband was a bit abusive and my marriage broke down and I just saw myself going more and more downhill. I can’t take medication for depression as I had a horrible reaction to it, and I knew I needed something to get me out of this depressive state.
The course is run by people who really mean it and it is believable. I am doing another emotional coping skills course based on mindfulness but I am not finding it helpful. Here the facilitators talk to you like adults and are not at all patronising. The attitude here is about identifying the problem, solving the problem and then how are we going to move on?
It is adult to adult, not parent to child.
I think this course gets your focus back on where you want to go and what you want to achieve in life. It is really good at pinpointing why you get stuck and has made me understand and realise those things are not the truth and just because someone has had an opinion of me that has stopped me from moving forward doesn’t mean it is true.
I have loved every day. I every day I think WOW and it is like a revelation and it is all fascinating. It has ignited my spark for life again after nine years. I am a completely different person that I was before.