My name is John, I am 61

I think that everyone should come here. Time goes so quick and next week it is five weeks and it is totally different to what I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to shut up sit down, and listen to me. But the facilitators have a laugh and out of all the courses I have been on, this is the best one.
...and here is my story

Job wise, I have done fencing, turf laying, hedge trimming and landscaping. I worked for nine years with the council, cutting the grass, litter picking, looking after the golf courses and things like that
My last job was with a building company repairing damage to new builds before they are finished. I went to bed one night and the next morning I couldn’t get out. I rolled out of bed. Couldn’t move my back and have been eight years on disability. It hasn’t locked up in years now but I know it is still there. I am volunteering at Fareshare now, so, if a sack of spuds needs lifting, I just get a trolley and wheel it rather than lifting it. I have learnt to use the brain more – why do my back in carrying that when I can get a set of wheels?

The course here has helped me. My age was one of my barriers stopping me moving forward but I have pulled that down now as I realise the skills that I actually have.
I have done lots of jobs and this course has reminded me of what I used to do. I am too old now for building sites but I can go back to gardening. I can use a mower and cut the grass and the course has opened my eyes.
The course has helped me come out of myself. Before I was quiet and now I am speaking to people and answering questions in the course and it has broken through my shell. You can listen to people because it is a small course. Everyone is very polite and we are all in the same boat and we help each other. Others have shown me that I can do more than I thought.
On other courses, they just tell us about how to write a CV and then the next course tells you to do it a different way.
I feel better about job hunting now. I left school when I was twelve to work in a bakery. I wanted to go to work as there were 60 children in my class at school, and the teacher would take the smokers out the back to smoke with them. I thought that school won’t teach me anything.
I have been volunteering for Scratch for a year and half for 12 hours a week.
In the future, I will look at life in a different way workwise and yes, I can do more things than I thought. I can also plan better as I normally go day to day but now I am going to plan days in advance.
November 2016