Hi I’m Jacqueline, I’m 55...

“Meeting new friends has been the best bit of the course. I come in early to help set up and Nicola is always on hand to talk to and speak to. The course has made me come out of myself and speak to people. Before, I just used to listen to what others were saying.”
...and here is my story

I used to do care work but had to give it up to take care of my mum who died in 2009. I did all the caring as none of the family would take mum out anywhere. I lost my dad when I was 19 and also lost two of my brothers. My sister used to give me a lift to mum and dad’s grave but I had a big bust-up with my niece and now they don’t want to know me or see me. This happened a few years ago and now I have to go on my own to the grave. It hit me bad.

I was very depressed before the course. I ended up going to the doctors and they found that my blood pressure is too high so I am on medication for that. They are also checking for hereditary heart conditions. I am 55 now and feel I am past my time.

Today I did the marketing and promotion exercise and it went well. I am now hoping to get back into work and am going through my CV to make sure it is up to date. I am also going around and speaking to people and asking neighbours if they know of any jobs for me.
The week before last, we had to make a tower in a team and wait for 30 seconds and see if the egg would stay on top. It was fun and it was good to work as a team as you are not just on your own.

The people are friendly and always walking around helping if you need it and ask if you want a cup of tea. If you have to go early to go sign on, you can leave on time. Would give the course 100 out of 100.

Dec 2016