My name is Davina and I am 55….

“I really enjoyed the course and met some interesting people and made quite a few good friends. It made me think about myself a lot, because I came with a negative attitude and thought that nothing would get better.”

...and here is my view of the Choices course

They have taught me that if I put a little bit of effort taking one step at a time, that I have a chance of getting out of this negative feeling about myself and my life. The course has given me techniques and the tools I need to do this.

I found it hard at first because I am not someone to express my feelings. You have to sit and write the negative things in your life and then the opposite of those things and I found that really hard to do at first, because as far as I was concerned there was nothing positive but I found things to build on.

Before the course, all I could see ahead in my future was all gloom but now I can see a light because they have given me tools to change things. One of the things is my house. My eldest went to America and my youngest is useless at DIY – anything that is broken stays broken and anything that needs to be replaced stays that way. My son always says he will do the jobs tomorrow and so it doesn’t happen. Now I think; "I can do this, I can put up some paint, I can replace the carpet that needs replacing or change a plug, change a tyre and put up wallpaper.

I didn’t want to come on the course and came dreading it. After day 1, I thought that I quite like this. At first I was terrified of getting here but it is two trains and then I am here and they pay for my train fares.

I think that this morning was a bit deep but you are never pressured to share anything and anything we write down is for our own personal use. I don’t think they can improve. You interact with other people. Even the fact that they supply you with food is really good and the food is brilliant - the amount and there is such a choice. You wouldn’t get that at a wedding buffet! It is a bonus to bring food home too. I will be quite sad when it ends next Wednesday.
Dec 2016