My name is Dave, I am 57
The course has helped me deal with situations in the past five weeks and I have felt proud of ‘responding’ in situations instead of reacting. If only I had done that in the past I would be much happier now.
And here is my story
When Andy at SAFE told me, ‘We can try and sort out what is going on in your mind’, I felt straightaway that someone understood me and what was bothering me. That gave me such a boost. By the time my first day arrived, I wasn’t even anxious or nervous as I was confident that I was somewhere where I was going to move on and that has proved to be true.
The simple phrases and comments I have learnt are sticking and I am using them at home and driving some people crazy by saying that there is a choice and I am not going to react but respond! I am feeling really well about everything. I am confident but in a nice calm way and dealing with things an awful lot better and from a different direction.
The people here are very nice and on the course there is nobody who is disruptive and that is helping me. Right from day one I felt I lucky because other candidates are suffering more than me with things and that is why I have to make the most of these five weeks because otherwise it is going to be a waste of everyone’s time.
It sounds basic but to me it wasn’t.
I have a much more positive attitude now with my job search. We are doing a section now on healthier thoughts and mine is that I have proved to myself that I can do other things employment wise in warehouse and retail but my goal is to get back to doing animal care even if I have to do other things en route. I have been out of it for a couple of years and I know I am going to have to update myself on things and it intrigues me that I will be learning new things and techniques. I worked in rescue kennels for 25 years, sometimes living on site. I have also worked for a dog-sitting and dog-walking company. I get a lot of personal satisfaction from working with animals.
I went for an interview last weekend and didn’t get the job but before I would have gone home and felt what is the point of applying for something similar again but I have come away thinking ‘they were spoilt for choice’ and next time I will have more of a chance. I have been learning perseverance also and with that last interview maybe I focused on one area too much. This time I am going to take in notes and make sure I don’t waffle and stay focussed. Sometimes I get carried away because I am so passionate about caring for animals.
Coming on this course has been the best choice I could have made and I really feel that I have benefited fantastically.
October 2016