I’m Colin and I’m 54
It is a nice group of people - lovely people and we are similar ages. Everyone is good. Nicola and Lewis are fantastic. I look forward to coming here to meet the people.
Here’s my story
I have been out of work on an off for about five years. I used to do truck driving, warehouse work, working in the docks. I think the course has made me happier and a bit more confident. I am naturally confident anyway but everyone is going to get highs and lows and if you keep getting knocked back you will look on the down side. I’ve lost out on a couple jobs because of the walking stick as they are worried about fire regulations. I did fall but it was brain ataxia and it affects my balance. I am getting better though hoping with the physio that I can get back to full fitness. I can still lift things and drive cars.
I could read the book as it is self-explanatory but it will be good to look back as it will put a smile on your face as you do click with various people. The nice thing is that there is no one I dislike and a lot of that is down to Nicola and Lewis and Trevor. They deliberately make you feel at ease. It’s a shame for it to end.
You can tell by the laughter that the course is very well done and not what I expected.