My name is Chris, I am 61...

Choices has given me a different outlook to see who I am and where I am going and become willing to address things that I didn’t want to address previously.

...and here is my story

I enjoyed the course. It was worthwhile and made me think about different aspects that I had never thought of, such as advertising yourself by looking at looking at how products are advertised. Other areas were body language and looking at how you come across and how to choose your words carefully, for example not letting little hang-ups come across.

Once when I was a night supervisor for liquid crystal displays I initially said no to allowing a lady with bright yellow hair take on some shifts. She turned out to be a very good worker and said she dyed her hair to look on the bright side of life. I realise though, that first impressions count and people will judge me in the first five to ten seconds.

My mind-set is much better now since I have done the Choices programme. Before I was just ticking boxes for the job centre but now I am putting much more into it and getting more out of it. The Choices course is a morale booster and it has increased my confidence and helped me see there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is worth setting goals and trying your hardest to reach them.

I have been out of work for a year because of bone and muscle injury. Choices has given me a better idea of what I want to do. Most of my life I have worked with food and drink but now I would rather work with people. I would like to work with the elderly or people struggling with substance abuse and will be applying for different kinds of jobs now.

The people at SAFE really do care and look out for you and advise you. They respect if we don’t want to answer questions but also answer our questions politely and not in a dictatorial way.
November 2016