“I think that everyone should come here. Time goes so quick and next week it is five weeks and it is totally different to what I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to shut up sit down, and listen to me. But the facilitators have a laugh and out of all the courses I have been on, this is the best one.” John (61) November 2016

“I am glad that I came on the course as it shows you what you can do rather than what you think you can’t do.” Peter (64) November 2016

“Choices has given me a different outlook to see who I am and where I am going and become willing to address things that I didn’t want to address previously.” Chris (61) November 2016

“The course has taught me how to have a more structured approach to getting a job. Before I didn’t have much of a sense of direction and I felt more desperate but I realise now I don’t have to dwell in a doom and gloom attitude.” K (58) June 2016

“Choices has helped me mentally prepared me to face all the trouble of trying to get a job with the right frame of mind. I learnt how to focus on the one thing you want to do and will keep doing little things to help me get to where I want to be.” Mike (59) May 2016

“The Choices course has changed my life. Before I got here, I was really in a depression and now I don’t feel that any more. I have overcome my fear and my hopelessness. Before I came on the course I thought that my life was at an end but I now feel determined to get a job within three months.” M (53) May 2016