Mentoring others

SAFE is based in Southampton and we are committed to this city and its surrounding areas. However, we want to see more and more people empowered and equipped to make great progress in re-engaging in community life whether that be in social groups, education, volunteering, paid work and much more.

To this end, we offer a thorough mentor-based training programme to give volunteers from community groups the ability to run quality Choices courses in their own area.

For example, courses are now running in Northumberland and Cornwall.


From the outset SAFE has been an innovative organisation, always seeking to listen to and understand what the real needs of people are, in order to offer the most appropriate service to help. This has made SAFE distinctive and very effective.
We combine years of grass roots listening and experience with the very latest academic research in order to continue developing its programmes.

SAFE works with different groups, including those who are long term unemployed, receiving benefits, living with depression and anxiety, lone parents, troubled families, NEETs, Year 10 and 11 schoolchildren in danger of exclusion and localises the materials so they are just right for the people involved.


SAFE has been involved in a three year randomised control trial led by the University of Southampton, looking at the outcomes from the Adult Choices programme, including job search self efficacy, anxiety and depression, re-employment, self esteem and resilience and lasting change.

It works! We are very excited that the findings show statistically significant results, and the research led by Professor Nick Maguire has now been published in the journal of Psychology, Health and Medicine.

In June 2016 work has started on a new research project for Wellbeing Choices, led by Professor Steven Henderson of Southampton Solent University gathering qualitative data from our candidates. The findings from our candidates will be used to inform further improvements in the course material and the way it is delivered.